Listen to “Burn,” the Debut Single of Portugese Singer Mai Kino

Ready for another excellent debut single? Meet Mai Kino, a London-based singer/songwriter from Portugal. Her first single is called “Burn,” and it’s the product of sessions with producer Luke Smith (Foals, Petite Noire, Depeche Mode). Like most great pop music, it finds the difficult balance between immediately appealing and interesting enough to warrant


Korg MS-20M kit

It was a little fiddly to build but, once built, it nailed the key characteristics of both incarnations of the original MS-20, albeit with slight sonic differences which we can largely put down to improved manufacturing tolerances. Moving onto NAMM this past January, Korg surprised us again with the launch of a module version of the MS-20 kit, the MS-20M, and to partner it, a new compact sequencer (the Korg SQ-1) which comes included with the MS-20M. “We would have